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Free from Imperfections and Uncertainties

I am excited rather than afraid every time I face an empty canvas. I work on my intuition without any planning or specific forms. It is as if you are traveling without planning. I encounter uncertainty and imperfection that would normally scare someone on the journey. The uncertainty and imperfection can be mine, sometimes it's someone else’s, or it's the world’s. I do not try to define what is uncertain or to perfect what is incomplete. I leave it as it is, accept it, and then it becomes a beauty in itself.

Most of my work is based from inside of me or someone else. Maybe it's from the inside of all of us. As a counselor, when I talk with many people, I find that the inside of a person resembles each other as we go deeper into their inside. So, my works can be from all our minds. I hope that you will be able to look into your inside and be healed by seeing my art works.

The deeper the beauty, the deeper the pain and sorrow. In other words, I think someone's life cannot be beautiful without pain or sorrow. However, I do not think that pain and sadness make every life beautiful. Some people just avoid and cover their wounds, while others confront and accept them even if it is painful which make life rich and beautiful. Pain, sorrow, and sometimes inexpressible complexities are inherent in my art works. I hope you will face the pain and wounds you have covered and be free from those through my art.

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