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Arukah Books

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Surviving in a Crazy World


This book presents an easily graspable approach to healing from past wounds, nurturing creativity, and overcoming feelings of inadequacy, making it a timely and relatable read for those navigating the complexities of modern materialistic living.

Based on the psychology of Carl Jung and principles of art psychotherapy, this book describes in a very easy-to-understand way how to be free and heal from the wounds that stem from our own life experiences.


Furthermore, it underscores the truth that &everyone is creative, offering a way for everyone to be free from the gaze of others, regain their dormant creativity, and embrace their own unique life.


In addition, it explains how to overcome a sense of inferiority developed resulting from parenting methods. It will be a unique and approachable resource for those who are seeking to break free from a materialistic mindset prevalent not only in Korea but also worldwide.

My secret handsome dad


In this fun story, a loving child innocently reveals amusing secrets about her dad's quirks and foibles, as it offers a charming glimpse of her family through the eyes of the child, creating moments of laughter and family bonds.

This content is easily accessible to preschool children, as it reflects the innocent perspective from a young girl of the endearing behind-the-door realities of her parents and family. In it, she unveils all the amusing, slightly embarrassing secrets that her dad keeps about his physical appearance.


The beauty of the Korean language is portrayed through handwritten script, and the book is created in both Korean and English to cater to age groups interested in learning different languages. This concept could potentially be developed into a series, like "My Secret ___ Mom" or "My Secret __ Grandpa," capitalizing on its unique narrative and artistic elements rooted in Korean culture, which align with the global interest in Hallyu, or the Korean wave, and the aesthetic appeal of the Korean script, making it an enticing option for markets in Europe and the United States.

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Arukah Books

'Arukah Books' is a personal publishing house founded by the artist and art therapist, Hyun Zoo Chung. The company primarily creates books on humanities, psychology, and self-development, as well as enchanting  children's book that enrich people's imagination and emotions, available in both Korean and English. Among their publications, they have released the book titled 'Surviving in a Crazy World' and have plans to publish a fairy tale called 'My Secret Handsome Dad.'

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