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Embracing myself

We tend to get inspired by certain music, film, artworks, and performances created by people who focus on their own style. We may even call them ‘gifted’ or ‘genius’ because they create something that is different from what we commonly see or make.


However, everybody is unique and has his or her own gift inside. Making something creative is not necessarily special; rather, it is just letting ourselves show others what is inside us without fear or hesitation. In other words, expressing ourselves, itself, is a form of creativity.

People should realize that just merely expressing ourselves authentically and freely can be considered a creative process. However, this innate creative instinct that exists in everyone, as suggested by Carl G. Jung , can be hindered by not focusing on expressing our inside due to caring more about others’ expectations or judgments. 

Arukah Studio wishes to help people see their inner world without these blockages and freely express through various methods (Expressive Arts Therapy: Art, Dance, Music, Drama, and so on).

Dynamic, 2018, Mixed media on canvas,162
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