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To influence the influential.

Through a variety of expressive art therapies, we support influential people around the world by providing creative restoration.

Through abstract art, we are seeking a healthier society.

Allegro, 2019, Mixed media on canvas, 13


To bring creative restoration to the world through:



Group Therapy (Freelancer)

April 2017


October 2017

Opened "ZoO's Art Studio"

IMG_0948 2.jpg

Solo Exhibition Invitation


February - May 2018

Invited to Solo Exhibitions

  • Bodre Andamiro Gallery

  • CYART Document Gallery

  • H Contemporary Gallery

Group Exhibition

  • Gallery Lambent

IMG_3580 2.jpg

May 2018

Opened "ZoO's Healing & Gallery"


TV Show "Beautiful Life"

OnStyle TV, Group Art Therapy

May 2018

June 2018 - Present

"Open Gallery" artist

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 10.15.12

June 2018 - July 2019

Invited to Solo Exhibitions

  • Gallery DOS

  • H Contemporary Gallery

Group Exhibition

  • Gallery Lambent

  • Artrie Gallery

  • Seoripul Gallery

  • AAG, Paris

  • Bodyfriend Europe digital exhibition, Paris

September 2019

Opened "Arukah Arts"

  • AATA (American Art Therapy Association) International Professional Member

Arukah Arts logo (large).png

Management Philosophy


The 10 Commandments

1. The healing and recovery of employees themselves and their surroundings are the first priority to work at Arukah Arts.
2. Client satisfaction is the top priority. Impress, not just satisfy. To do this, treat them with sincere love.
3. Keep in mind that 'honesty' and 'walk to talk' are the foundations of trust.
4. Do not confuse idleness or indulgence with autonomy or responsibility.
5. People are the most important beings that make up Arukah Arts. The spirit of the individual creates the culture of the Arukah Arts. Be very respectful when accepting people as Arukah Arts' family.
6. Do not waste time to think. Always act. Ideas do not come from sitting, but from action. Try it first and judge. Don't sit and think.
7. Act now. The idea is just a starting point; execution produces success. Run now.
8. Everyone is creative. Focus on bringing out each other's potential without looking outside.
9. Every encounter is precious. Whether you're in Arukah or out, you need to help each other in every way so that you can fulfill your mission in life.

10. Words have power. Speak positive words, upbuilding words, words of consolation, words of encouragement rather than words of judgment or criticism.


About Hyun


Founder & CEO

Hyun Z Chung is an artist and an art therapist. She founded ZoO’s Healing and Gallery in 2018 and opened Arukah Arts in 2019.

​After she graduated with a BA in Environmental Design from Ewha Woman’s University (Seoul, Korea) in 2002, she moved to Boston, where she joined various studio classes at several fine art schools. While she was exploring fine art, she met God by chance  and learned about art therapy, which is able to help people in real life. She studied at Lesley University (Boston, USA) and received a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Art Therapy in 2015.

During this four-year-period of study, she practiced art therapy as an intern for people with developmental disabilities and the elderly with dementia. As a result of the valuable experience of dealing with special populations with unique challenges, she learned that people can discover hidden things from their inner world through making art and start their healing process through embracing their hidden things.

Through her studies and experiences in art therapy, Hyun learned how to express herself freely through making art and started a life of an artist since 2017. She has actively worked for five solo exhibitions and six group exhibitions during last year. She usually makes abstract paintings with oil and mixed media.

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